General Update

The scottish boys stood on a big pile of rubble at Bouchy, wondering why the loweroffs are so close....

So what have I been up too over the last few weeks….. hmmmmm. This and that you know, rock climbing, working, etc.  Me and ally walked up to the bottom of the Dru to get on the North Coulior only to find that the glacier to the base of the route wasn’t having any of it and had decided to put a large gnarly crevasse in our way. Still as always its a good place to bivy and we were treated to an amazing sunset but the access is a no go for this autumn.  Apart from that I’ve been rock climbing with my mate’s Ross Hewitt, Sandy Simpson, and Ally.  We enjoyed two days of granite sport climbing up at the Getroz and Bouchy…. heres some photo’s…..

Ross on a nice techy 6C+ at bouchy. The 7b+ to the left 'Bouchy Airlines' is amazing...

Ross on a lurvly 6b+ at bouchy.

Sandy sending away..

Walking up to the dru.

Sunset from the bivy spot.

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