Last few Weeks

robs happy after his first 4000m peak

Its been a fairly quite last month or so for me. I have been  working hard trying to get enough money saved up to last me for a few months of climbing. I have been out for the odd day on the Tacul Triangle for classics such as the Chere Coulior and the Contamine-Grisol. Thanks to my mate Emma for a great week whilst she was out here and well done too! You packed alot into a short space of time!!

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Some good photos from past routes…….. and failures!

So thats it... Probably one of the most sort after north faces in the Mont Blanc massif (definatly most climbed). The mighty Tacul triangle. ooooorrrrffff

So to be good at anything in life you need practice. Thats the only reason one would climb on the triangle. For training. So thats what me and Gav and Josh did. We went for some practice warm up mixed climbing time. We did four routes in total and just as if we had been sport climbing i don’t really know the names of them, just the grade. It was fun here’s some photo’s.
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