Forbes Arete, Aiguille Du Chardonnet.

The Aiguille du Chardonnet, The Forbes Arete is the left hand skyline ridge.

Summer alpinism is here!! Long, sweaty approaches, manky snow conditions and rainy afternoons.  Still its all good fun and with the longest of days upon us getting out for a classic alpine route seems to good to pass up.  My original plan was to solo the Migot Spur  but with high temps forecasted I didn’t fancy A) walking across a glacier by myself or B) climbing on a north face.  Luckily my good buddy Ben O’Connor Croft (of Petit Dru North Face fame) was able to make it out so we headed up to the Albert Premier hut  for a Sunday night bivying on the rocks….. Continue reading

North Face of the Petit Dru.

'What we gona climb ben?'......' Dat one!'

So the other day me and my mate ginger Ben (O’Connor Croft) were trying to decide what to do with what seemed to be a good 3 day weather forcast.  We banded round some ideas like heading into the Envers for some spliter but came to the conclusion we wanted to climb the North Face of the Petit Dru……

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