Long live the summer!

Although I’ve not blogged in a while, I’ve still been ticking over here in cham and I’ve really enjoying getting out on the rock and getting up high for the odd alpine mission.  It’s been pretty hectic with work and a quick trip back to the UK to MOT my van, but I’ve managed to get out and about quite a bit in the last few weeks.  Although I haven’t done anything major, this past while has given me time to reflect and time to think forward to the future.

About this time last year (or earlier actually) I was having a tough time deciding whether or not to put an application into the British Mountain Guides scheme. I decided against it in the end mostly because I didn’t feel ready, either financially or with motivation. It’s strange to read words that I wrote only a year ago and thinking how much has changed for me in that time.

A few weeks ago I submitted my application to the guides scheme and I’m currently waiting to hear if I can start or not.  A couple of good friends are also applying this year which was one of the bigger factors in getting me psyched to apply too. I now know that I’m completely ready and fully psyched to start and I really hope they give me a chance!  Fingers crossed!

The other big news for me is that I’ve recently been taken on by Salomon as a climbing and skiing ambassador. I couldn’t be happier about being given this opportunity and I just hope I can live up to what they expect and that the relationship can grow in the future.  I genuinely love the kit they make and i’m super happy with everything I have at the moment.  Thanks to those who helped me with this, you know who you are.

Looking forward to this summer my main goals aren’t necessarily specific routes or mountains.  I mostly want to train hard, and try, at least to really push my fitness further and see what kind of gains I can make with a more focused approach.  I’ve been running and rock climbing along side doing strength and core training session as a start this spring and I’m already starting to see the benefits. I also sure that I will get out and try some bigger objectives aswell and hopefully this summer is fruitful and long and I have the chance to experience some more of the mind blowing climbing Chamonix and the alps has to offer.  I’d also love to take a trip to the Himalaya again soon and hopefully I can find a way to fund it!

I leave you for now with a few shots of some climbing fun from the past week! Thanks to Ben O’connor Croft for the bouldering shots and Dave Thexton for the alpine shots!

1 thought on “Long live the summer!

  1. HI Dave i am a BMG in the twighlight of their guiding life so good luck with your application. I have come to the conclusion that There is no such thing as a typical guide – some stay in one place due to family pressures, spending their days on the same routes and others have a madly eclectic and varied work life travelling all over the world like me (with all the disadvantages that brings). I have never found that guiding removed my love of the mountains or climbing,(it was such a pleasure on free days to climb at my level unencumbered by decision making), but the one over riding factor that makes life as a guide enjoyable is that one enjoys the company of other people whatever their abilities. Without that the job will be purgatory for you. You will be end up being a raconteur and sometimes a counsellor, you will have to motivate clients and sometimes bring them down to earth. You will have to gain enjoyment from their achievements and not your own (however cynical we become about their motivations for doing alpinism and boy I have become cynical). There are many down sides to being a guide and immense pleasures, but if you are doing it because you want to spend more time in the mountains climbing hard routes then I would advise you to find a well paid career that you can pick up and put down easily. Guiding is rewarding for much of the time but be prepared that it is after all…a job…Good luck.

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