Spring. Like Autumn But… Better.

I do love the off seasons in Cham.. With the snow pack disappearing and the days growing longer it is the perfect time to split your days into two or more activities.  Skiing in the morning and climbing in the afternoon seems to be the best way to do it!  With only the most hardcore of mountain enthusiasts left in Chamonix the lifts are quiet and the snow still surprisingly good.

Dave Searle

Me Skiing on the North Face of the Gros Rognon. Courtesy of Davide de Masi.

With a lack of work and money and not having a passport to go home to work (until now!) I’ve been enjoying the simple routine of getting up and going out to ski or climb or both. Not managed to ski any particularly special lines apart from skiing the Col du Plan on the North Face of the Midi With Joel Evans and Bird a week or so ago. Joel’s Write up here.  Not much to be said about it really.  I’ve been wanting to ski the Midi North Face for a while and I finally seized the opportunity and it turned out great. Some icy side slipping at the top awesome powder in the middle and 3 rappels out the bottom.

I’m getting pretty psyched for the summer now so I’ve been out getting as much millage on the rock possible to try and jump start the old arms after a long lay off.  Haven’t really climbed rock for…. well a long time so its been a shock to the system but persevere I must! My new passport arrived today so I’m getting ready to head back to the UK for a months intensive work which should buy me a few more months of play time this summer!

Ski’s away for the winter! Bring on the summer!!

2 thoughts on “Spring. Like Autumn But… Better.

  1. Hi Dave, I want to ask you what boots do you recommend me for the Summer season in Cham, i have to take a new ones but it’s a tricky search!! I’m gonna be here also in winter but i assume that in winter, here, i’m gonna need a really warm boot. If you could help me a little!!!

    • Hi Jesús. Yes typically a boot for winter would be a lot warmer (too warm for summer) so unfortunately its worth potentially getting two pairs.. It totally depends on what fits you as different companies fit different shaped feet. I’d say its worth getting a pair of B3 boots that are compatible with all types of crampons though as this means you can use them for Ice and mixed climbing. Look at Salewa, La sportiva, Scarpa for good options. Leather boots will last longer than lighter synthetic boots so that might be something to consider too. Sorry for the late reply!

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