Dear Chamonix

Dear The mountains of Chamonix,

It’s been nice to meet up with you again after such a long time and I’m sorry it’s been so long.  I’m sad you’re going through some tough times at the moment with your low, unstable snowpack and generally grey weather.  I don’t like to see you down and it makes me a bit sad to see you like this.  I’m hoping things pick up for you soon and you start to have the winter you deserve. The crowds are all but gone for a while and well let’s be honest it’s normally a good time of the year now hey?

Anyway, I’m sorry it’s been so long I had to be away all summer working.  The life of riley caught up with me a bit and well you know, sometimes you just have to pull your finger out and work.   I’m looking forward to some good days with you soon.  Do you remember the days up in the Argentiere basin? So many good memories of fun days with laughs and sunshine.  How about that time I skied the Y Couloir with Liz. That was great! Or the times out on the Courtes, or on the Dent du Geant with Ross. So many fond memories and I’m looking forward to creating more with you soon.

Like I said I hope you feel better soon and I hope we can enjoy some good days out together like the good old days.

See you soon!


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