Rocking out in the Envers.

Just got back from a super fun trip in the Envers des Aiguilles.  Despite being shut down by the weather on both our climbing days spirits ran high and many fun pitches of granite climbing was experienced.  I’m a big fan of this zone and i’ll be back soon for sure.  Maybe with a lighter pack, warmer weather, less snow and a more stable weather forecast!!

Still pretty snowy on the walk in but not too bad.



On the Tour Verte, Le Piege. shortly before hail finished play.

3rd pitch on tout Va Mal on the Aiguille du roc South face. funky slabs, funky corners, funky!!

Aye up!

Quality 6a+ pitch high up on the Face. Unfourtunatly just before, yet again, precipitation ended our day.

3 thoughts on “Rocking out in the Envers.

  1. Hey Dave, kool blog, very inspiring, what are the 2 routes pictured here? Gunna be over in Cham this summer and they look ace so may get on them!

    • Hi Sam, thanks I try. the first one on the tour verte was called le piege and the 2nd on the aiguille du rock was called tout va mal. There is alot of other stuff to go at in the envers and the guidebook by Michel Piola is well worth getting.

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