Talung 2012, Plans made, Grants Granted.

I’ve been hankering after something bigger for a while now and it is with great excitement that I announce my up and coming plans for this October and November.  Myself, Gavin Pike and James Clapham (of colton/macintyre brethren) have laid plans to head out to Nepal for a 6 week climbing trip with the main objective being the unclimbed 1800m North Spur of Talung (7,349m) near Kangchenjunga.

We have already received a great deal of support from various climbing grants which are hugely helpful and welcome. The contributors so far include the Mark Clifford Memorial AwardNick Estcourt AwardAlpine Club, Mount Everest Foundation and the British Mountaineering Council.

We will be setting up a blog for the trip soon so be sure to follow it when it arrives.

the Main objective is number 1 with the backup route being 2 and three being the descent/acclimatization route.

1 thought on “Talung 2012, Plans made, Grants Granted.

  1. We looked over to Talung and the North Spur with envy when we were on Kangchenjunga in 1990. the Spur looked like a fantastic route – steep, varied terrain that eased up a bit at the top, with a reasonable descent. I have a few good images of the spur if you’re interested. Good luck!

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