My Biggest Day this Winter.

The Parreselle/Cunningham Couloir from the Bridge

Its been a slow few weeks mountains wise.  Lots of snow has been falling and lots of leaving party’s to go to.  Productivity has been low and therefor stuff to write about has been few and far between.  Two days ago the clouds parted and the promise of good conditions saw me getting ready for a big day off the Midi.  With my knee feeling good I was very psyched to get up and have a productive day.  I meet my Friend Ross Hewitt and Si Christy.  

With a small bicker in the car park about the size of my bag (11litres) I finally proved to Ross that I can get everything for a big day stashed away.  60m rope, crampons, avi kit, water, spare gloves, spare layer and food. What more do you need?  Oh yer, a helmet.  Oh bugger.  Lucky I had a pompom to save me from falling ski poles on the abseils into the Cunningham but I defiantly would have been better off with a helmet.  3 abseils off the bridge saw us clipping in and getting ready to ski.  It was amazing, deep, soft runnels all the way down.  we couldn’t have asked for better conditions and we came out the bottom with big smiles.  The exit couloir to the Rond was amazing too with more amazing snow to slash about in.  We made the big traverse back to the mid station and headed back up on the lift for another run, this time down the Rond normal.  after exiting the Rond for the second time we headed down the Para face to the tunnel finding some more outstanding snow bellow the cloud line.  All in all a great day with great company.  Cheers guys.  Here’s some photo’s of out exploits.

On the Abs.

Si putting in the first turn.


Skiing the Alaskan Spines

Me enjoying the Skiing very much.

Regrouping at the top of the Rond exit couloir.

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