Fighting Fit

About a week or so ago I went for my 6 week X-ray to check to see if the bone had knitted together properly.  The news was good and the doctor allowed me to start fully weight bearing as I felt comfortable.  I was off the crutches that afternoon and working hard on the physio.  Thing have continued to progress well and I have had three physio sessions in the past week (thank you NHS!!).   Lots of standing on one leg, squats and walking up and down stairs. I’ll progress onto the one-legged-swissball-squats in due time but for the moment I’m just happy to have my freedom back.  It’s been great to be able to take the dog for a walk on the beach again and carry hot food around safely.

I’m hoping to be back in Chamonix in the next week or so but skiing and climbing are still quite  a way of.  My physio has been very impressed with my progress even in the last week so she thought that if I worked hard I should be able to get back on the Ski’s again in late March or early April which is of course great news.  I however am  just looking forward to being back in the mountains again.

Won't be needing them anymore!!

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