Redefining my Perceptions of Challenge and Adventure.

My ride back to the UK. A bit like a yellow Herse.

I’ve been back in England now for a week and leg is doing well. This experience has really changed my perceptions of challenge and adventure. Before my accident I would feel pride in myself if I managed to climb one of the 6 great north faces of the Alps or redpoint a sport climbing project now, however I feel the same pride from climbing the stairs or walking (hopping) to the pub. It is kind of good in a way as It feels like I have to start all over again and to be honest I am really enjoying the challenge. I had never really spent any real amount of time in hospital before this and it was difficult to say the least. I didn’t sleep well and all the drugs and medications really wiped me out. I’ve been off the stuff for the last few days now and I’m starting to feel a lot better. I’m pretty much pain free now and I have a much greater range of motion in my knee. With the exception of carrying hot food and drink whilst moving about I can pretty much do all the things I need to for getting about the house now. I’m still struggling with…

long distance ‘crutching’ sessions but it seems to get easier as the days go by. I’m looking forward to getting the stitches out so I can shower without having a piece of cling-film wrapped around my knee and it should be more comfortable to sleep too.

The journey back to The UK was quite interesting. I got collected by an Austrian Ambulance from my mate Jon’s house and driven all the way back to my Mum’s house by the two German guys. They had some issues getting over the Col Des Montet due to snow so they were some 5 hours late getting to me which meant we got into Devon at 4.30am which didn’t particularly please my mother! I however had been sleeping in the back for pretty much the whole time, so I felt fine.

I have been doing a lot of research since I have been back about the Do’s and Don’ts of nutrition whilst you have a broken bone. Tops tips that I have found include not drinking alcohol, limiting the intake of Ibuprofen, increasing Calcium and Vitamin D intake through eating a healthier diet including lots of green leaf vegetables and dairy products. Apples are the best source of Boron which aid in the intake of Calcium too. Limiting caffeine, sugar and red meat intake too as they steal the essential nutrients away from the task in hand. I have also started taking glucosamine and cod liver oil supplements to help with tendon and cartilage recovery and maintenance.

I’ve been thinking as positively as possible about this whole situation and my main goal is to get fit and strong enough to go skiing again in the spring. Most doctors have told me that I won’t be doing sport for 6 months after the accident but I am increasingly optimistic that because I am still young I will heal up a lot quicker and be back doing what I love sooner than expected. I have yet to know whether I have any major soft tissue damage in my knee but I can bend it through about 60 degrees now which is very good news. If I could offer anyone advice if they think they have sustained a similar injury to mine it would be DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WALK ON IT! 50% of people with Tibial Plateau injuries also suffer soft tissue damage which can take much longer to sort out. If you try and walk on it the sharp end of your bone will damage your Meniscus more and will bring you closer to early onset Osteoarthritis. You’ll know if you have snapped your Tibial Plateau because you’ll feel a strange lump on the side of your lower leg. Oh yer and it hurts like hell. Get help, don’t try and put weight on it, and like I did and just sit down, except that you messed up and you’re out of action for a few months and you need help. That is of course if help is at hand. If it’s not then a splint on the opposite side to the fracture is the best temporary measure. Oh and 3-7 milligrams of intra-venous Morphine.

I’ve been keeping myself busy with watching some films, seeing long lost family members and eating lots. All good things to partake in during this festive season and it also gives me a good break from working hard out in Chamonix as a transfer driver! Come to think of it I wasn’t really that psyched for the two weeks solid work out there!!

For now I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.


At least I can still work out my upper body! PJ pullups.

2 thoughts on “Redefining my Perceptions of Challenge and Adventure.

  1. Keep up the good spirits, Dave.
    I’m getting insurance now, inspired by you.
    My buddy has metal in his arm now, after being dropped by his belayer, lowering off a sport-climb.
    Here’s to maybe crossing paths on a climb somewhere someday.

  2. I feel your pain, spent 8 weeks grovelling in cast after descending 600m in an avalanche, broken ankle dislocated elbow. That was 18months ago and I tell you its all the more sweet when you get back out there with a few aches and pains for a reminder. The human body may be pink soft and fragile but it pretty amazing at repairing itself. Hang in there, love your work.

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