After the roof on Pinnochio

Yesterday we headed up for Pinocchio on the east face of Tacul.  We had a leasurely 2nd bin start as usual and poodled on down to the bottom of the face.  We were greated with great conditions and superb mixed climbing over the 7 pitchs we did.  Our original plan was to hit Scotch On The Rocks but Pinnochio looked better so we went for that instead. Its not a good idea to get on these routes too early in my opinion as the sun is still on them untill 11 ish which is when we started  climbing.  We climbed to the top oof the pillar Martinetti and then abbed back down the route as the light started to go.  Gabbarou- Albinoni and Modica-Norry look really good right now as well.  Here’s some photo’s…..

Ally with Point Lachenal and the East Face of the Tacul.

Pinnochio is the right hand ice line and Gab-albi/ modica-norry are to the left.

Ally following the first hard pitch.

Ally pulling out of the corner.

Ally heading up to the roof pitch.

Quality ice.

seconding the roof pitch.

After the roof on Pinnochio

Heading up the last pitch to the top of the pillar.

The climbing was stellar, bomber ice and hooks for the most part with the climbing hovering around scottish 7.  Really enjoyable.  It also gave me a great opertunity to try out my new Warthog 26 which made a perfect seconds bag.

Get on it!!!

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