Some good photos from past routes…….. and failures!

So thats it... Probably one of the most sort after north faces in the Mont Blanc massif (definatly most climbed). The mighty Tacul triangle. ooooorrrrffff

So to be good at anything in life you need practice. Thats the only reason one would climb on the triangle. For training. So thats what me and Gav and Josh did. We went for some practice warm up mixed climbing time. We did four routes in total and just as if we had been sport climbing i don’t really know the names of them, just the grade. It was fun here’s some photo’s.

Route finding on the Traingle can be hard, One simple mistake at the bottom of the Chere Coulior sent us jibbering up this thing. WICKED.

Now we are reet off route. Me suffing from a broken leg on some scottish 7 corner. Loving it. Photo Gav Pike

Forearm Fawcett knocking off some rocks and getting mixed. Photo Gav Pike

Gav Enjoying some friendly mixed climbing. Beauty. Photo Dave Searle

Gav just before the Chicken wing manuvre. Photo Dave Searle

Axes stashed = fun. Photo Dave Searle

After our weekend on the col du midi we hit the carrington rouse on the north face of the Pelerins.

It was awesome, long pitches of interesteing mixed and ice in a grand setting overlooking cham.  A long day from first lift back to cham in the evening but it was a good day none the less. Check out some more photo’s.

Me on the tricky pitch, half way up. Photo Gav Pike

looking down one of the early ice pitches. ooooo face shot. Photo Gav Pike


Then we had a pop at the Dru coulior. After the monotonous trudge up from montenvers we got into the cave bivy first. (the best of the bivy sites at the bottom of the dru).  Then the steck turned up….. I was looking forward to being run past on the way up to the coulior but the cheeky scamp got up before us, freed the nomminee crack and chomped up to the ice with  partner caroline george in impressive time. We however didn’t have such a good time of it. After being held up by a annoying french team we lost a lot of time faffing about only to get more or less shut down by the final pitch into the Ice. So we went down. Im well keen for a rematch on this one. What a place to climb…….

Just before we got shut down, just after gav had been for a wee.

heading up the first icey ramp.

After all these shinanagins we rested up had headed for the North face of the Grande Jorasses  wiv our mate Jim (james Clapham)…..

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